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Elliott, Trainor & Willman, P.C.  View from front door.



     The business of providing food to our planet through local farm production continues to rapidly change. The legal needs of our agriculture clients are also subject to rapid change. Our goal is to keep pace with these trends to provide effective representation in legal areas affecting our clients who are engaged in agriculture related businesses, including:


  • Farm and Agribusiness
  • Farm Real Estate
  • Generational Transfers
  • Cash Rent Leases | Crop Share Leases| Blended Leases
  • Agribusiness Creation and Administration
  • Contracts
    • Business Contracts
    • Farm Products Marketing
  • Landlord | Tenant | Disputes | Litigation
  • Landlord Liens
  • Fence Law
  • Boundary Line Issues
  • Agricultural Real Estate Issues
  • Farm Business| Corporations | LLCs | Partnerships
  • Lawsuits | Litigation
  • Farm Accident| Farm Injury
  • Premises Liability


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